Make Paying Easier

Make Paying Easier
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When it comes to your customers and their invoices making payment as easy as possible will help ensure that it gets paid. But how can we do this? Well one way would be to offer more payment options to the customer. In this post we will go over a few options that will assist with this.

Online payments

So what is an online payment? Well in this case we are talking about a customer being able to pay for their invoice online instead of having to come into the shop/store. This could be done via a payment link sent to them or an online portal. This allows your customer to pay for this invoice where ever they are in a quick and easy way then it should talk back to your system letting you know its paid. Other uses of this could be for easy deposits for invoices or possibly having a Click and Collect offering.

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now Pay Later is a more recent payment solution but it allows your customer a lot more flexibility. Generally what this will mean is the customer can pay their invoice in instalments to a BNPL provider but you will receive the payment in full for the invoice. This offers the customer a more manageable bill and can help them feel more comfortable about making a larger purchase.

MechanicDesk - Flippay

With all the above said we are also happy to announce that we have partnered with Flippay, an Australian owned embedded payments and financing technology company helping businesses get paid quicker with payments or get access to finance easier. FlipPay’s integration with MechanicDesk will help you get paid faster while providing more payment options to your customers to ensure you secure the sale fast and efficiently and your customers choose how they want to pay.