MechanicDesk Recent Updates

MechanicDesk Recent Updates

Never Lose your Text again

We have all had moments where we have refreshed a page or got distracted and lost some of the work you have done. Now we have a new feature to help prevent the loss of this data. We call it the Cache.

Lets say you are entering in a description of the work that was done for a particular part and then you need to move away from that page to do a quick cash sale and you didnt save the changes. When you go back to do it again you will notice a Link that says Cached


Clicking this will open up a new window the text that was previously lost and allow you to recover that text. With the option to copy it to your clipboard and paste it back in.


Approving Time

Recently we have added a new feature to the Timesheet area that allows you to approve timesheet entries. Now when you open the timesheet you will noticed the below.


Here you can see some new additions to this screen. The Approved button, filters for Approved or Submitted and the status of each timesheet entry. The difference between Approved and Submitted is that Submitted time lines can be editted, where as a Approved timesheet line is locked and can only be edited by someone with an Admin level account.

To Approve timesheet entries you will need to just click the Approve button. Note that this will approve all the entries that are open on the screen. So if you need to do a specific date or job you will need to do add filters to bring this onto the screen.

Revamped Job Allocation

Another small addition that was made to MechanicDesk was a revamp of how you assign mechanics to Jobs. Previously you were only about to add up to 4 Mechanics to the one job. Now you can add as many as you need.



If you have any questions or would like to find out more about what we are doing please feel free to contact us on