Getting Personal with Custom Attributes

Getting Personal with Custom Attributes

MechanicDesk was created with the sole purpose of providing the best platform out there for workshops to manage their business. Keyword: workshops. Not just automotive workshops, not just marine workshops, workshops.

And though initially, we were focused on providing a stable and useful platform for the automotive industry, we always knew that we wanted more out of MechanicDesk. We recognised that though every industry is very much different from the next, there is always common ground which turned out to be more significant than we had thought.

Whether you run a boat repair or a panel beating workshop, a car repair garage or outdoor/power equipment shop, we identified that there is always the need to...

  • invoice/quote customers
  • create and track jobs
  • maintain accurate histories
  • manage stock/inventory and look up parts
  • run reports on sales, income, productivity, etc

...just to name a few!

We understood that if we were able to provide quick and easy ways to achieve the above in MechanicDesk, the platform would add much value not just to the automotive industry, but also marine, outdoor/power equipment, etc. - generally any workshop with a similar operating model. Hence from very early on, we have incorporated various service item attributes into MechanicDesk specific to a number of businesses and their respective industries alongside the standard set, all of which aim to help these businesses better manage the service items that they work with, whether it be cars, swimming pools or coffee machines. There was a limitation to this approach, however. It usually took us a long time to add any attributes, especially as the number of attributes reached the 3 digit mark. The system architecture implemented at the time meant that as the number of attributes increased, the system was taxed more heavily and, as a consequence, slowed.

Fast forward to today, we have been able to overcome this limitation. Adding a new attribute takes a matter of minutes and it will be available for you to use immediately!. So, tell us, what attribute do you need added today?