Closing out 2018 - Development Update

Closing out 2018 - Development Update

With 2019 fast approaching we are going to take a look back on some of the latest features added this year to MechanicDesk and a sneak peek at what we have in store for the new year.

Overview of 2018's Major Features


The Workstation is a centralised login on a single computer where all employees will be able to quickly and easily clock on and off their jobs.


Vehicle Visuals Integration

Using Vehicle Visuals offers you the opportunity to show your customers why they need particular work done on their vehicles.

With Vehicle Visuals it will:

  • Increase the potential of converting quotes

  • Bolstering customer confidence and trust in your workshop

  • Easily explain complex topics and repair details

New Diary View

Using the Time Line button on the Day view of the Diary will give you the opportunity to organise your days and allocate your jobs to the hour.


Payment Express

We now integrate with Payment Express, offering another way to push payments to an eptpos terminal. Please contact us if you are interested in integrating with Payment Express.

Whats next in 2019

New Mobile App

Our new app is on its way, we hope to have this available in January with further features coming to it through out the year.


Another Integration we have been working on which will be available soon!