Clocking your time has never been easier

Clocking your time has never been easier

With our most recent update we have implemented a new feature called The Workstation. So what is the WorkStation? The Workstation is a centralised login on a single computer where all employees will be able to quickly and easily clock on and off their jobs.

Who is this for?

This new feature was designed for those who have a number of mechanics working in a larger workshop to make it easier for them to clock in and clock out of their jobs to log time.!


How do you use it?

To access the workstation is simple. On the login screen there is a link that says "Login to Workstation" near the bottem of the login page. Click this and log in. Once in youll see all the employees listed. Simply click on your name, put your password in and all your jobs will appear with a clock on button next to them. Easy right?


More Information

If you need more information on how the Workstation can work for you please watch our tutorial video here

Or contact us at with any questions you have.