Weekly Updates 28/01/2018

Weekly Updates 28/01/2018

This week updates include more attributes for data export, adding read only employees, adding download for stocks within a category, add bank account details for suppliers

More attributes for data export

  1. add tags for vehicle export
  2. add Chassis number to vehicle export
  3. add notes for customer export
  4. add payment details for invoice export

Adding read only employees

We add a Read only feature for employees, employees with read only checked will not be able to change anything in the account. their read access will be decided normally by their access level.

Add bank account details for suppliers

You can now add bank details of your suppliers to MechanicDesk. This bank account details can also be synced to Xero, as this is sensitive data, but default, it will not sync to Xero. Howerver if you need to we can certainly turn it on for your account.

Bug fixes

  1. Fix bug where quote details do not convert to invoice details
  2. Fix restricted mechanics access to digital signature

In progress

  1. Works continue on Payment Express Integration
  2. Adding a new access Level which basically is restricted mechanics but can access their jobs' invoice and payment as well as purchase order and quote.