Going Paperless

Going Paperless

Though not without its merits, workshop management with a paper based system can be time consuming depending on the scale of the workshop. We've all been there, waddling our way through tonnes of paperwork just to find an invoice or a job card. Often times, the only link is a lengthy order number.

This is where MechanicDesk comes in. We aim to help you go completely paperless, with all information linked internally and accessible via only a few clicks. You can dig through a vehicle's history without having to remember strings of meaningless numbers. Shorter paper trails mean less headaches, right?

To some extent, MechanicDesk has been able to support this through the its job management system and independent access model, allowing multiple users to interact with a given job or invoice at the same time. That being said, we do recognise that we can do more to help you go paperless, that we can help replace more processes that require pen and paper. An example would be the need to have the customer approve the job, which is almost invariably done via a signature on the job card. If this is a requirement at your workshop, then the use of an electronic job card becomes next to redundant as at the end of the day, the job card needs to be printed out anyway.

We now have a solution. A new feature in MechanicDesk enables you to digitally capture the customer's signature on the job card and store this as a non-removable image permanently attached to the in-system job. This can be done on any mobile device either via MechanicDesk's normal browser based application or the mobile/tablet app.

Paperless away and tell us what you think!